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Christmas with Riverside

The lead-up to this Christmas isn't exactly what anyone had in mind, not least us at Riverside. The Christmas season is always our very favourite — the markets thrum with activity, and we typically use it as an excuse to produce something new and sample one or two extra beers along the way — but this year will be different and somewhat quieter So, what are we doing in this quieter-than-usual season? We rebranded during the lockdown* (*Kept us busy! We'll write a blog post about that soon), so we're looking forward to bringing our fancy new labels to the farmers markets this month. Our gift packs have also had a refresh and we think look even smarter than before. And, new for 2020 is our personalised beer gift box — Uncle Fred a big Best Bitter fan? Your best mates love a dry-hopped ale? You can now give them the perfect beer-themed Christmas gift. Two 500ml beers with their name and photo on them, plus a brewery glass, all packaged in one of our smart gift boxes. Just £15.